The real value of living space is revealed through its unique architectural character, structural durability, and interior design. The ability to create such spaces led to the establishment of Luxspace. we have envisioned hundreds of design concepts and turned them into aesthetically pleasing spaces for ten years.

Professional and dedicated staffs are always ready to provide the best services to customers. At the same time, we have more good opportunities to affirm our position in the field of supply, construction, and installation of interior decoration for projects designed by great designers along with real estate brands Famous real estate at home and abroad.

Luxspace’s slogan is “ Belief ’’. It is mutual trust between customers, partners and contractors, between management and employees, between colleagues, and colleagues. On that basis of truth, we have identified 5 key values – which are the spirit of Luxspace on the path of long-term construction and development, which are:

         Honesty – Belief – Creativity – Solidarity – Learning

Our dedicated experts understand the necessity of collaboration with other subcontractors for the timely completion of projects. We will work with other vendors and contractors on a cooperative basis; offering the best solution for the project as a whole, assuring project quality and schedule.
We are always in step with our designers, providing them with new and creative material samples. Our experiences in working with project designers have led us to develop a process, ensure an excellent matching between different types of materials, functional usage, quality, and beauty. Luxspace always works with the project designers from start to finish, from the design concept to the final shop drawings for completing perfectly the designers’ concepts.

Our customer-oriented business philosophy, LUXSPACE always considers that the success and happiness of customers is the happiness of the company.


We construct quickly, commitment on schedule, limiting unexpected costs. Particularly, after completing the project, Luxspace always favors customers with long-term product care and warranty services, bringing satisfaction and customer service experience in the best way.

Closed design and construction process, diversified services, from interior design of apartments, townhouses, villas, cafes to construction, interior decoration of bars, hotels, offices.… that’s why we are committed to the most competitive price with the most prestigious quality to our customers.

Luxspace’s mission is that dedicating all of its enthusiasm, creativity, and inherent experience to providing customers with architectural works, the most comfortable and classy living spaces. At the same time, producing high-class furniture products at the best price to consumers. The trust of customers is a measure of success, a strong motivation for the company to continue on the path to conquering beauty, becoming the most prestigious, scale and market share company in the field of interior decoration in Vietnam.