The secret of setting up smart office furniture

Renovating the look of your office will not too difficult when holding the secret of setting up smart office furniture of Luxspace.

Focus on comfort in setting up smart office furniture

When building creative office design ideas as well as choosing smart office furniture, you need to focus on bringing the most comfort and comfort for employees to work better. Accordingly, absolutely avoid creating monotonous, even rigid and boring office designs because it will make your employees feel stressed and reduce work performance.


Choosing smart office furniture helps to effectively partition the workspace, thereby increasing the efficiency of interaction at work and promoting increased work quality. Create a clear path for employees because no one wants to when they are focused on work and are distracted by collisions with colleagues when moving.

Ensure lightness in smart office furniture setup

In order to have a beautiful and modern office design, lighting requirements are always an important factor that you need to pay special attention to in office interior design and construction. Accordingly, you should fully exploit the natural light source for the workspace because it is always good for health, and also creates better efficiency at work.

Design wide open glass windows to receive more natural light and arrange the desk near the windows to receive the most natural light. Harmoniously combine with artificial light sources from neon or tube light boxes or recessed downlights to provide employees with the most necessary light source to meet their work.

Smart office furniture arrangement in small groups

The open office design style has always won the hearts of many employees in the office world, so in this space you should choose the most effective office furniture layout solution. Should choose the modular desk system intelligently designed to save space and create comfortable use for employees when working. From there, employees will work in teams and promote the spirit of cooperation to help exchange information effectively and solve work quickly.

Create a personal highlight for the office

To give employees abundant energy at work, you need to create separate accents when setting up smart office furniture. Besides combining with the color scheme inspired by the company logo for office furniture, you should decorate the corporate office more nicely with a few new accents. A few potted plants in the corner of the room or colorful vases of fresh flowers will make your office more beautiful.