Good feng shui office design for business

The good and bad positions in the office and the interior layout according to feng shui
Finding out the good and bad positions in the office is the basis for us to arrange the interior to find the Cat to avoid Hung, to prosper. On the basis of yin and yang – five elements – the shape of feng shui, the design and construction of office furniture are suitable, good support for work.

Lựa chọn nội thất phòng họp hợp phong thuỷ

The position of fortune is the diagonal corner opposite the door in the office. This location needs light and clean, avoid placing artificial flowers and plants.
In the office, the Southeast belongs to the Sun sign, symbolizing fortune. In this direction, you should place elements belonging to Thuy such as drinking water bottles, aquariums to add prosperity.
– The Northwest belongs to the Can sign, symbolizing the support people, you should put the famous statue, the logos, the company’s logo, your degrees, certificates of merit.
– Desk overlooking the main door:
The desk should be placed in the position overlooking the main door, especially the desk of the key position. But remember to avoid sitting directly opposite the door because that way the gas will pulse directly into the desk, causing pressure and stress at work. The area in front of the desk is airy, has a good view, has an open window next to the left hand (dragon fruit), has a wide viewing angle and is very suitable for office feng shui outside.
– Do not sit with your back to the room door:
The sitting position with your back to the door of the room, or your back to the window is also not a good position according to feng shui because if there is space behind your back, it will cause insecurity, easy to be talked about by colleagues.
– The positions in the office from the inside out should be arranged in the order of leader – employee – guest – auxiliary department, in which the leader must sit in a place where the outside space can be well controlled and Over vision. Note, the position of the leader’s desk should not be below the restroom (if the office is located in a multi-storey building), not below the crossbar or ceiling fan, light to avoid close collision.
– The area for employees to work must ensure both an independent space to focus on working and a connection between departments to create convenience in the work of the entire company. Many companies arrange office desks for each person in a corner. This layout is not as good as a continuous modular desk arrangement, then it is still enough privacy and still achieves closeness when communicating and exchanging.
Tham khảo chi tiết cách sắp xếp bàn làm việc hợp với phong thủy
Sharp corners, hidden corners or places with crossbars in your office should never be placed on a desk. But you can put filing cabinets, or plants, paintings, statues to decorate, balance Yin – Yang in the room.
– Cavalry has a passage behind the seat:
In office feng shui, the back of the seat should have a fulcrum called the “hoang painting” position. A solid fulcrum can be a wall or a cabinet. If there is no fulcrum behind, but also the passage of people, it is a great cavalry. The title is not stable, leading to the raging villain, your luck is not excited, it will be difficult for your career to be successful.
A best position should be calculated according to Trach Yun, according to the law of Yin and Yang – Ngu Hanh, according to destiny, feng shui experts will accurately appraise you. But the design of office furniture in accordance with feng shui is always based on the above good and bad positions.
3 lời khuyên về phong thủy cho văn phòng nhỏ, không có cửa sổ
Light balance – increase Yang and decrease Yin in the office
Design the lighting system in the room so that it is harmonious. Light represents Yang Qi, which has the effect of increasing Yang and reducing Yin for the office. Offices with too many windows or too many electric lights make Yang Qi too prosperous, which will be harmful to fortune. If the room is dark and lacks natural light, Yang Qi’s inadequacy will also bring instability in terms of personnel as well as internal affairs. Therefore, the hidden locations need to be supplemented by artificial lighting when designing.
The colors and surfaces of different types of reflective materials are different. Based on this feature, use colors on materials to suit the balance of Yin and Yang elements in the office. For surfaces that receive less light, use a light color to reduce darkness, and vice versa, for surfaces with strong light, use a dark color. That’s why when designing office ceilings, people often choose gypsum boards with spikes (negative elements) and do not do many steps to ensure light for all working positions. Floors should be carpeted or tiled with non-glossy tiles to avoid complex light reflections.
Mẹo phong thủy giúp cải vận cho phòng làm việc-1
Ensure air circulation in the office
Maintaining air circulation in the office is as important as lighting to bring vitality to the workplace. In feng shui or promoting “air-gathering treasures”, prosperity spreads, stabilizes, circulates and repels bad gases that have a certain support for everyone’s health and fortune. Especially a newly remodeled office or a working environment with many people, it is imperative to keep proper ventilation. Therefore, to design according to feng shui, you should open the office door in the morning to welcome the vitality, luck will knock on every small corner of the office.
Do not place sharp objects in the office
When designing office furniture, try to avoid placing sharp and sharp objects in the office because these easily cause people to clash and dispute, have an unreasonable and intolerant attitude, It is easy to create stressful opposing relationships, hindering career development.
Eliminate the polluted gas of the toilet
As mentioned above, the office always needs a lot of vitality and actively eliminates bad gases. Offices are very easy to accumulate polluted gas from the toilet, especially when the office is located close to the toilet or has a toilet right in it. If the office is normally closed, these polluted air cannot be dispersed. This problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise the unclean air can “pollute” the whole office feng shui air field.
If the toilet is located right in the office, it is recommended to close the toilet door and open the ventilation fan or small window in the toilet designed to the outdoors.
More blue in the office
Green, but not necessarily green. Adding a little greening can increase vitality, moreover, with favorable weather and high humidity like in our country, the green color belongs to Moc, Thuy can produce Moc and can also transform air. Regardless of whether the green color of live plants or fake plants has a good effect. If it is possible to arrange a few real trees, it is still the best. Natural green, green and blue colors according to science also help calm the spirit, the office is less stressful and stuffy.
Feng shui plants such as Thanh Thien, Lan Y, Van Loc placed in common areas such as meeting places or in an office corner will be extremely good.
The success of an enterprise is not only created by the capacity of leaders and employees, but also important factors of “time, location and human harmony”. Therefore, feng shui elements should not be ignored in office interior design. Designing an office in accordance with feng shui is not simple, and it is difficult to achieve the absolute level. If you are knowledgeable about feng shui as well as architecture, it will be simpler to harmoniously combine them to have a scientific, modern, aesthetic space that is good for work.