Interior design ideas to save living space

Regardless of the style of the house, the homeowner needs to follow the principles of arrangement. At that time, the living space was not only neat but also extremely eye-catching.

phòng ngủ nhỏ

For bedrooms that are not too large, a smart bed with drawers is the right choice

trang trí nhà đẹp

If you love the impromptu pop art movement, the homeowner can choose the furniture
elegant, create visual balance and add a few accents.

phòng ăn đẹp

Scandinavian style dining room emphasizes simplicity but extremely luxurious and beautiful.
Furniture in these rooms is mainly made of wood, minimizing textures.
You can also use this space as a place to read books or receive guests…

màu sắc nhà đẹp

Salon set combined with wood with minimalist colors and oval design
both create a unique beauty and help save space

phòng khách đơn sắc

This style of interior design is very popular in Europe. Monochrome living room
combined with simple details but exudes an extremely attractive beauty.

phòng bếp thông minh

The small kitchen uses an expandable dining table to save space. Brown color of walnut
Highlighting the bold yellow wall is a decoration idea suitable for the
The owner likes modern but still loves Asian features.

trang trí nhà nhỏ

In addition to using multi-purpose furniture, to make the small house more lively, the owner
should apply new and unique layouts that do not take up much space.