Experience In Choosing And Using a Long-Lasting Effective Hood

Experience in choosing and using a long-lasting effective hood

However, not every kitchen space can install the same type of hood, but we need to choose the most suitable product to meet the needs of the family.

Luxspace would like to share the experience of choosing to buy and use a good and long-lasting kitchen hood for consumers. Please refer to :

On the market today, there are 5 main types of hoods, you can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of these types of hoods to suit the area and needs of your family:

Classic hood: Has a compact size and light style, which is chosen by many consumers. The classic hood has a fairly soft price, ranging from 2 to 4 million.

Built-in hood : Has a slimmer and more modern design, suitable for small kitchens, usually machines built in sync with cabinets and stoves. This type of cabinet hood is highly aesthetic, can be placed in the kitchen cabinet, only the mobile pull-out part protrudes out. The price also ranges from 2 to 5 million.

Curved glass hood: Suitable for families with large kitchen space with high demand for kitchen use. This machine also has the ability to absorb heat and soften the air, deodorizing the kitchen. Curved glass hoods usually cost from 4 to over 10 million VND a machine.


Modern hood: Produced on the most advanced technology line to bring high satisfaction to users, modern hoods have large suction capacity, low noise to help clean odors in the air. Instantly brings freshness and tranquility to the kitchen space.

Modern hoods of origin: P.R.C, Spain, Germany. Powerful twin-turbine engine. The case is made of high-grade solid steel to a glossy finish that does not print fingerprints. The 5-layer stainless steel filter is super durable and easy to clean.

Modern inverted T-shaped design, easy-to-use touch or mechanical control panel, suitable for luxurious kitchen spaces.

Modern hoods use LED lights to save energy, convenient in the cooking process. Smart timer feature. In particular, the P function increases suction power, which will help you remove heavy odors during the cooking process.

Decorative hoods : Known as a trendy range of hoods that are super impressive because of the uniqueness that no other hood has, decorative range hoods are therefore always appreciated by those with good taste. Unique beauty and quality to highlight the kitchen space.

Decorative hood with luxurious high-end beveled design, flexible door opening and closing, large suction capacity up to 1000m3/h helps the family kitchen space to be both beautiful and surprisingly clean.

Low noise is not annoying. In addition, the machine can be wall mounted without fear of falling to other devices, saving kitchen space.

Experience of buying an economical and effective hood

To make sure you can choose to buy a hood that is both economical and effective in use, you should consult the opinions as well as practical experiences. This is the experience of choosing to buy a hood that you should know.

Select the capacity of the machine

Each hood will have a different operating capacity. This capacity represents the strong and weak suction capacity of each machine. At the same time, the machine capacity also reflects the state of using electricity to operate. Therefore, if the demand for use is low and infrequent, you just need to choose a machine with a small capacity and vice versa.

Choose by model

The design of the machine also affects the performance of the hood. The hoods with curved shape, straight glass will quickly absorb a large amount of air and smell, so the air will be fresher and more airy.

Select according to the power used

You will not fall into the situation of “crying or laughing” when the hood is not compatible with the power source in use at home. Therefore, always check the power source in use at home to choose the right type of hood.

Choose the brand, the origin of the machine

Compared with branded machines, with clear origin, floating products will be of poor quality and unsafe to use. Therefore, to avoid “money loss” you should only choose to buy hood products of reputable brands with clear origins.

Tips for using a good and durable hood

Do not leave the maximum suction power level at the beginning

You should gradually increase the power level, not the largest level at the beginning, just leave it at the right suction capacity to prevent the machine from working for a long time, it will be overloaded.

Install in the right position

In order for the machine to work at its best, the installation distance from the machine to the stovetop is from 80cm, so the machine will work most effectively.

Regular cleaning

In order for the machine to function properly and have a long life, regular cleaning is essential. When used for a long time, the filter membrane may be stuck with grease stains, reducing the suction ability of the machine, the machine will have to operate with a large capacity but the performance achieved is not high. If using an activated carbon filter, it should be changed periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3 best kitchen hoods 2019 for your family

Neft kitchen hoods

What do you like to eat best? Is there color, taste or smell? Or a little bit of everything? To continue cooking a feast for your senses, Neff’s range hoods remove kitchen odors and odors quickly and effectively. Powerful yet quiet suction Hút

The luxurious design of each and every corner of the machine is meticulously crafted to create a perfect Neff hood with royal style.

AirFresh Interval Ventilation: state-of-the-art gas sensors. BLDC motor synchronous ac motor uses high strength permanent magnet. Super-smooth, super-fast TouchControl touch controls.

Neff D96IKU1S0 Luxury Decorative Hoods Catching New Trends:

The Neff D96IKU1S0 decorative hood is worthy of luxury with a sophisticated and striking design: shiny chamfers, intelligent TouchControl: thanks to a smooth user interface, with a super-sensitive touch of a button. The Neff D96IKU1S0 range hood uses state-of-the-art EfficientDrive technology to ensure you a super-quiet kitchen space and maximum energy savings.

Neff D96IKU1S0 decorative hood with TouchControl control. New EfficientDrive technology ensures super quiet and energy savings. Metal grease filter, washable easily in the dishwasher. Illuminate the workplace with 2 x 3W mô LED modules

Bosch cooker hood

Bosch hoods not only give your family a cool space but also decorate the kitchen space more modern and luxurious. Bosch hoods are one of the product lines that have been confirmed. In terms of quality, it will definitely be an expensive highlight for your kitchen space.

Origin of Bosch hood: Made in Germany, meeting the standards of quality, durability, and energy saving and is rated by customers as the most valuable product in the world today.

Quality Bosch hood: Outstanding design, EcoSensor sensor system automatically adjusts extraction power, checks the intensity of the steam increase every second and adjusts the power level of the hood precisely Precise and independent that frees you to cook.

Bosch hood warranty: All Bosch hood products are guaranteed for 2 years at home in the entire Nam Duong Kitchen supermarket system. We are proud to be the distributor of genuine Bosch products in Vietnam, we always research and want to bring customers the best quality products as well as the best after-sales service.

Bosch DWB97IM50 range hood hood wall mounted, modern touch control:

Size 90cm wall mount style. Material made of stainless steel combined with glass. TouchControl panel with light sensor includes 3 speeds + 1 intensive suction mode to select the appropriate suction level for the amount of smell and smoke when cooking.

Touch panel directly press to select suction power level and features with easy light sensor.
The EcoSilence engine is silent with a special soundproofing system for strong deodorization

Cata . kitchen hood

Among the many choices on the imported hood market, why should you choose Cata for your family’s kitchen? So what are the characteristics that make grandmothers unable to “repress” in front of this multi-utility Cata hood:

Origin: is a high-class range of hoods from Spain, with many luxurious designs to create European style in your home.

Outstanding quality and advantages: Cata is the market leader in practical suction with a powerful 240W motor with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/h to keep your kitchen well-ventilated. In addition, the Cata hood also has a variety of designs to suit all designs from classic to modern, giving you many options to choose from.

Warranty mode: In the Vietnamese market, Cata kitchen hoods are distributed and have a genuine 2-year warranty at home across the entire Nam Duong Kitchen supermarket system. We are a genuine CATA distributor in Vietnam. We are committed to the best quality and price.


The Spanish brand Cata C GLASS 700 hood affirms its quality and attractive price:

The Cata C Glass 700 hood is an INOVATION product line designed with a size of 70cm in the form of curved glass installed against the wall, which not only effectively removes odors but also enhances the elegance of your kitchen space.

Cata C Glass 700 is made of high-quality shiny stainless steel combined with easy-to-clean glass

The machine is designed with a mechanical control system including 3 convenient suction speeds with the largest capacity (level 3) 620m³/h, depending on the amount of smoke when cooking to choose the power level corresponding to the appropriate suction speed. Ensures effective odor removal. At the same time, you can turn on the light button to cook more conveniently and easily.