Decide Wood Floor For Apartment

Wooden floors are increasingly being chosen by consumers because of the variety of designs, colors and suitable for many interior styles. However, with rooms with unique textures or small apartments, choosing wooden floors requires owners to have a basic knowledge of today’s wood floors.
1. When choosing wooden floors for apartments with modest area, homeowners should not choose small wooden boards or have complicated and sophisticated decorations. Homeowners should prioritize wide wood floors, because it not only makes installation easier, but also helps the room to be much more open and airy.

2. Choose a way to lay the wooden floor in the room to create a connection. This will make the room more spacious. On the contrary, if many different types of wooden floors are laid in each area, it will create separation and narrow the space of the apartment.

3. Combine the color of the wooden floor so that it has the same color as the interior equipment, in order to create a uniformity, making the room look more spacious and airy.

4. For the most part, today’s apartment buildings usually have a living room connected to the kitchen. Therefore, it is inevitable that water from the kitchen gets stuck to the bathroom or other rooms. This makes wooden floors that do not have good water resistance, which will easily blister, warp, lose their aesthetics and be costly to repair and replace.